Pulled over and broken oil cooler…

On Jul 27th everything was just the way it always is… Working, son needing to be picked up from work, then taken 20 mins away to do a test for a job interview..

Took my bike, dropped him off, went home… Good day to be riding but had work to do. On the way home, following traffic(there was alot for some reason).. I see a cop, we were all doing around 70 inĀ  55, I went from 5 car lengths of space to 1.

Pass the cop continuing at 65 … Saw him pull out, he took his time as people moved out if his way. He gets up to me, I sped up to about 70 and move to the right lane, he pulls along side backs off, turns on lights…. I pulled over, turned on hazards, shutdown the bike. First time in 8 years living out here.

He gets out of the car hat still in hand…

“Sorry to have stopped you, but when you went by me I saw the yellow sticker, not the red one, then now that I have you stopped I can see the red one”, which I replied, “that sticker barley lasted 2 months befor it started to disintegrate.” (not knowing how bad the sticker actually was…), he said “Can I please get your license so I can clear this call and get you right on your way”, I handed him my license, I didnt care no biggy, he coulda had me for speed…. he jumps in his car, about 5 seconds later back out to me “here you go, again Im really sorry I stopped you, thanks for stopping have a great day” as he taps my shoulder walking away…. I replied “You too!”, started my bike and took off… Fastest, and most courteous stop I have ever been apart of, The State Trooper was extremely friendly, extremely quick, and overall glad he wasnt one of the troopers that just wanna hang ya for nothing…. I didnt get a ticket, and being that I got stopped cause of the sticker, I was gonna order a new one…

Get home go to the DMV online, would ya believe it… cant replace a sticker online….. work for about 30 mins run back out. Get to where my son was testing, I then realize theres a DMV in that building…. I go in… 3:00 pm… wait 20 mins for a pen….. figure not to bad they close at 3:45pm 1 person came in after me, I start filing out the paperwork and wont you know it… 6 more entered…. I get to the cashier around 4:10-4:12pm, give her paperwork she then hands me the reg and sticker I was happy!!!!….

I step outside to put the sticker on my bike…. puddle of oil under my bike by the front end…. I dont remember parking over oil.. I look sure enough its my oil!! Im looking at the oil filter, nothing, look at plug, nothing.. I just changed the damn oil 3 days before!! check the oil level still had a decent amount, scrape off old sticker, put on new one… go in wait for son, 15-20 mins pass he messages me he got a ride home!!!! Jump on my bike get going, looking over he side I see the oil drip, drip, dripping as I throttle it, get home park it, watching the oil drip, coming from the oil cooler……

Ordered one, hopefully ill have it installed soon…


Lifes just a son of a bitch!!!!


Nick R

Revolutions of life…

I created this blog to get some info out, find like-minded people and as an account for things I have done or seen.

Life isn’t simple, it seems to always catch up and get a hold of you at times.

Now we all know, sooner or later we have to take care of our families, give them rides, help them on their feet and get them going.

I used to enjoy a quiet house, my truck was basically a driveway ornament in the “warmer” months, simply because I would rather ride a motorcycle instead of drive a big ass truck.

Then Last year in things changed, my youngest sister was going through hard times, she and her family lived in a shithole and they were quickly on the way to eviction… I also found out her landlord wasnt keeping the heat on, so late November I drove 8 hours to get her, her husband and her son, her two dogs, and as much as I could put in the back of my truck. Had her staying with me and my family. So with the 3 of them we were up to 7.

Neither one of them drive, that means I get to be a chauffeur, My wife word from 11pm to 7am, bro in law a few weeks later got a shit job thankfully was only a 4 mins away by vehicle. I couldn’t let him walk in the winter, since it was sub-zero and dangerous anyways on the streets.. Two months later my sister got a shit job, now the other direction, but again only 4-5 mins away… Now im driving, my wife, my sister and my bro in law to work…. In Jan my son breaks up with his girlfriend with whom he had a baby with, so now 9 in my house. then in Feb 2015 bro in law got a better job, March 2015 they finally feel comfortable enough to find an apt, which they did not move into until April, I was very happy and at the same time pissed, because I knew, now to get them to work I now had to drive to the other side of town, im on the east side they moved to the west side pretty much the same street except west…. So now I went from 4 mins each way for each of them to 15-20 mins to get Bro to work and about 8-10 mins to get my sis to work. Hey I was helping them out, they helped with gas. Then late Apr my son gets a job at the same place as my bro, if you kept up that’s now 4 people im driving to and from work….

I’m now driving 4 people to and from work, all different schedules… Its kinda hard to get a ride in, I’m on call 24/7 and I am in the “office” from 9-5…. I used to get a ride in before 9am and after 5 pm I would make dinner and hit the road for a bit. Now I can’t find the time, I’m up at 5:30 to drive one to work, back out at 7 to grab my wife and drive another to work, then 9 to drive another, then fuck me runnin, pickups are just as fun, between 2 and 3, the worst part is the schedules are never the same, sometimes its 6am-11am, 6am-2pm. 9am-12pm, 10am-3pm, 10am-6pm, 4pm-7pm, 1pm-10pm, and my wife 11pm-7am….

I just cannot figure a way to get some wind with all the fluctuation’s with 4 people’s schedules…. Now I have been cranky, but what can anyone expect when your life revolves around everyone else, and shit I didn’t even get into my kids schedules….. Sometimes I just really want to give a big FUCK YOU, hop on my bike and go somewhere very, very, very, far away…. But I just cant do it because i am trying to help family, and keep them goin at the cost of losing myself…

Hopefully soon I will get back to the road, stories and pictures…. right now, I just don’t have the time…

Over a ton… And the forgotten buddy…

Yesterday went for a good therapy session after transporting family all day.

My wife was with me, went down a few roads got lost. The weather went from warm to cool to cold…. Of course I took out my jacket liner and left it home, so I wasn’t comfortable.

Found my way to an interstate which will basically take me to my front door, get on and 3 other motorcycles in front of me, 2 sport bikes and 1 cruiser…. Didn’t bother me that they were in front of me, what got me was either they wanted me to line up with them side by side, 2 in each lane, or the 80 to 70 to 80 was getting me… So when I was clear I allowed my bike to do a bit over a ton….. Wife of course says “no more”, looked at my speed and realized I was back to my cruising speed…. Then the two sport bikes decided they didn’t like me cruising by them, they downshifted and flew on by, which at that point I was happy doing the speed I was doing in my lane. They kept going, did get a glimpse of them 6-8 miles later, I don’t need to ride that fast unless it was a really long trip, and wanted to get home oh and warmer…

The best part was these two left their cruiser buddy behind… Guess he just couldn’t get that thing going fast enough…. He did pass me, many minutes later, slightly faster than my cruising speed, I smiled and moseyed all the way home.

Still laughing about it, I’m just not the ride along type of person, nor ride 2 abreast in front of other vehicles. I like to go my speed, away from others and able to maneuver when needed, not bunched up.

Wind beaten and tired

All day during work the weather was around 71 wind was barely blowing. After works the wind ramped up to 27 mph, just blowing.

You know the wind is bad, when its about to knock you off the bike when you stop, or tries blowing you off the road while moving. Comes from one side then slams you on the other.

Rode for a couple hours, lost for at least 45 mins, which was fine. I like getting lost.

On the way home, you can tell when your riding when the temperature changes from warm to pretty cold, then warm again. Its a great feeling.

Glad not to be riding today


Glad not to be riding today, warmer than yesterday, however a good  2-3″ of snow in the morning, by 12 its rain that’s almost cold enough to be sleet.

Some of the major roads are clear, but not the off roads. Slick as shit for my 4×4, glad I’m not riding right now kinda depressing though.

Of course around 5pm it was windy as hell but temp picked up to about 42..

Sorry not much here for today.